Academic writing brings unique challenges

Avoiding errors or misinterpretation is essential to protect the worth of your research and findings, and ultimately your reputation.

Your academic writing needs to reach your audience without the distraction of errors. With each potential error, the full impact of your writing can be diminished, and opportunities lost.

Following the common formal approach to academic writing can sometimes sidetrack the seamless communication of ideas and conclusions. Writers often find it hard to review their own work with a clear eye.

We detect any logical flaws in arguments, suggesting changes or additions. We help remove clumsy phrasing, and repetition and excess wordiness. We identify referencing errors, and generally ensure your points are made clearly and in a sensible sequence.

We also ensure your work meets the individual and at times unique style rules of the institutions or journals you are addressing.

Naturally we also eliminate the spelling mistakes and grammatical slips that creep into any writer’s work.

We have a supportive approach to academic editing, with appropriate feedback routines, and strict adherence to established academic editing guidelines to ensure your own voice is heard.