Working together for excellence

When editing academic writing, I always work on a copy of the original digital document, normally using Microsoft Word and its standard “track changes” tool. This is the common approach of most editors.

All edits and comments are then clearly visible, and authors can approve each edit as they review my work. I always include a set of notes explaining changes. Should substantial changes be required, I will explain these in the notes, and offer suggestions on how to correct these where it may help to improve the document.

Should you require, we can edit on hard copy only, although this is now unusual.

I follow the general standards for academic editing used by all academic institutions. If you are a student,  I cannot make changes to the substance or structure of your writing – your thesis, dissertation or essay must always be your own work, in your own words. However I can perform a full copyedit, and then provide notes with informed suggestions and offering examples to overcome any structural or content problems identified.

For ESL students seeking deeper support, I include advice and examples to aid a broader coaching approach.