Students – support as you write

Students face many of the same issues as academics when writing.

The varying needs of each assignment type can become confusing as their work progresses, and time constraints offer their own problems.

I can help you identify the areas of your work that need attention.

I have a considerable experience working with ESL students, helping them achieve their best in written work.

Initially, I can copyedit your work, finding and correcting spelling errors and basic mistakes across your document, including referencing and citations.

Next, I can help you see where to improve structure, logical flow, and where to clarify arguments or conclusions. Under general academic editing guidelines, I can’t write for you, however I can help you see better ways to organise and phrase your work.

I can help with all student written work, including:

  • Essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Reflective writing
  • Case studies
  • Critical reviews
  • Research papers
  • Research applications
  • Abstracts

Many students also seek help in the first steps to career posts after graduation – I can also help with resumes and cover letters.