Substantive editing – the ‘big picture’ review

Substantive editing ensures the structure of a document and the logical flow of its content meets the needs of your audience.

Substantive editing takes a ‘whole of document’ look at your work.

Particularly, substantive editing will identify whether any significant re-writing is needed.

Spending a long time writing your manuscript can bring on ‘writer’s blindness’, where you miss gaps in logic, or over-complicate arguments a fail to make your point. A thesis written over many months will almost always have differences in tone and style between chapters.

Sometimes a multi-authored work needs to find a common ‘voice’, removing the quirks that can impede comprehension.

The focus

  • Checking the logical flow of content across whole of document
  • Arguments – checking for clarity, consistency, and substantiation
  • Locating redundancy, repetition, or contradiction
  • Does the author deliver what was promised in the introduction or abstract?