Frequently asked questions

Selecting an editor

  • Can I have a sample edit?

    Yes. I will edit a small sample (up to two pages) to demonstrate how I will approach editing your document. If you are uncertain on what an editor can do, I suggest you seek samples from several editors.

  • If I think my thesis is well written, do I really need editing?

    Yes. All writers benefit from a second set of eyes, even if it’s only for picking up minor errors that can lessen your impact. Of course many people publish successfully without an editor. However many also later feel they could have done better with some help.

What help do I need?

  • How do I know which service to select?

    If you are uncertain what services you need, send me a sample and I will reply with frank comments and suggestions about how I can help your work. All writing can benefit from copyediting, substantive editing and proofreading, but in some cases there is a greater need for one service over others.

  • Can you correct my referencing?

    Yes. When you submit you will be asked for the referencing style (eg, APA, Harvard etc). I will then check your references for compliance to the style, as well as for accuracy of references against your text. However I cannot create your references for you – this is always a writer’s task.

  • Is formatting included in your editing service?

    Yes. When you submit you will be asked whether you want me to format the document, and the formatting style required (normally set by your institution or publication). If you want me to do so, I will check your style is correct or apply the style for you.

Working together

  • Can you help me write my document?

    Not if your work is being assessed or marked. If you are a student, or an academic submitting a thesis or dissertation, you already know you must write your own work. I can help by pointing out areas that need work (such as illogical statements, repetition, or lack of clarity), but I cannot make those changes for you. I can copyedit and I can proofread, but I cannot write for you. Yes, if you are working on a journal article or book. I can certainly include sample re-writes to show how elements could be better written, and make those changes if you agree.

  • Do I have to acknowledge your editing work?

    No. While in some cases universities require you to seek your supervisor’s permission before using a professional editor, you will not be required to state this in your document.

  • Can anyone else find out if I’m using your service?

    No. We keep all information –your personal details and all your documents – in secure digital storage. If you require, we can delete all your details and all your work from our server at the end of our working period.

  • Will you sign a confidentiality agreement?

    Yes. Please upload through the submission form at the same time you send your document. For all clients we undertake to always act in a manner consistent with having signed a confidentiality agreement, whether one exists or not.

Submitting work

  • How do I get my work to you?

    Please use the Submission form. Fill in the detail required, and click on the Submit button. If you have any trouble with the form, email me, and I will advise you on how to email your work as an attachment.

  • What information do you need?

    The information I normally need is included on the Submission form. As a quick guide, it includes type of document, length of document (in words), the type of editing you need, the deadline for returning the document to you (please do not make this the same as the deadline you have to submit your work!), whether formatting is required, and the referencing style. If your work is an essay or assignment, you should include the topic question at the top of your document.

  • What file format do you require?

    I prefer to work using Microsoft Word. However any word processing file will normally do. If you do not submit a Word document, I will agree with you the final file format before we start work.


  • Can you tell me how long will you take?

    Yes. Timing depends entirely on the type of editing required, and the complexity of the work. Every editing task is different, so it is inappropriate to apply a word, page or project rate to editing. When you seek a quote you should submit a sample of your work. I will then be able to give you an accurate cost, and a solid estimate of how long I will take.

  • Will you handle rush jobs?

    Yes,, if other work commitments permit. Depending on the urgency, I may quote a higher fee, however this will always be agreed before I begin work.

Cost and payment

  • How much do you charge?

    I charge $50 an hour for scheduled work (possibly more for rush jobs). This may be more than some online editing companies, but with me you will get personalised service, and a real voice at the end of the telephone if required. I am accurate, and fast.

  • How do I pay you?

    You will be invoiced at the end of the project*. Payment can be made by electronic bank transfer, by credit card through PayPal, or by bank cheque or money order. If you are outside Australia, we will agree on a payment method and the approach to exchange rates before I begin work.
    *For larger projects, a deposit may be required.