My rates, and what they cover

There are many ways editors quote for work, but the most appropriate is a direct hourly rate.

Our rate is $50 per hour. Very simple.

The hours needed to edit a document is influenced by several factors. To quote a price I need to know how well the document is written, how long it is, how many references it contains, how many tables and charts, and whether it needs to be formatted.

Proofreading a very “clean” 2000-word paper is much faster than editing and formatting a complex research paper written by a newcomer to academic writing.

For a quote, simply complete and submit the form below. It may help to include a sample (or the complete document, if you wish).

I will get a quote back to you promptly.

The details I will need include:

  • Type of document (eg, research paper, essay, thesis)
  • Word length
  • Deadlines
  • Publication style or formatting requirements
  • Number of tables, graphs or charts
  • How many references have been made.

For longer work (such as a thesis), some writers prefer to see a sample edit first. We’re happy to do this – you may want to obtain sample edits from several editors before deciding who to use. However we will also charge you for the sample edit – like most editors, we will deduct this charge from the final cost should you choose us to complete the work.

For all quotes, please use this form